• Infrastructure surveys

    Infrastructure surveys

  • Fire damage aerial inspections

    Fire damage aerial inspections

  • Roof inspection photography

    Roof inspection photography

  • Mapping surveys

    Mapping surveys

A guide to using drones for surveys

Offering a range of commercial aerial imaging services, we are able to meet today’s infrastructure and buildings surveyor’s needs. Working across industries we undertake inspections and surveys for RICS and CILA professionals.

CAA Registered 1283
CAA Registered 1283

Photographic aerial survey

High definition images deliver the detail demanded by today’s professional surveyor. Our aerial photographic service allows both required and routine inspection of areas previously difficult or dangerous to access more quickly and cost effective than traditional methods.

Video aerial survey

Live feed streamed video is now common place allowing remote instruction to the aerial pilot. Although not required the benefit allows us to deliver our service with 100% guarantee. On completion the processed video survey can be accessed remotely or digitally delivered in a preferred format.

Mapping aerial survey

From a single land plot to an entire property portfolio, our highly-experienced pilots safely capture high definition imagery and survey-grade data for the generation and supply of georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models.